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Vermont Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 Award Winners

DEV Club of the Year - Kingdom Gymnastics and Northern Lights Gymnastics

Xcel Club of the Year - Cobra Gymnastics

State Service Award - Anissa Davis


Level 9 Eastern Qualifiers

Congratulations to our Level 9 Eastern Qualifiers

Ellie Quintin from Regal

Breezy Palmer from Kingdom

Good Luck

State Championships

2022 Vermont State Meet – Rutland Recreation Center, 134 Community Dr., Rutland VT

Saturday March 19

Session 1 – Xcel Bronze 

10:00am Open stretch

10:15am March in

12:30pm Awards


Session 2 – Xcel Silver 

1:30pm Open Stretch

1:45pm March in

3:45pm Awards


Session 3 – Level 3 

4:45pm Open Stretch

5:00pm March in

6:15pm Awards


Session 4 – Xcel Gold 

7:00pm Open Stretch

7:15pm March in

9:15pm Awards


Sunday March 20

Session 5 – Level 4 and 5 

8:00am Open Stretch

8:15am March in

10:30am Awards


Session 6 – Level 6 and 7 

11:30am – Open Stretch

11:45am – March In

2:00pm – Awards


Session 7 – Level 8, 9 and Xcel Platinum and Diamond 

3:00pm Open Stretch

3:15pm March in

6:00pm Awards

State Championships

Vermont Gymnastics State Championships

Held March 19, 20 at The Rutland Community Center

Address: 134 Community Drive, Rutland VT

Regional Info

2022 USA Gymnastics - Region 6 Championships

April 22 - 24 Level 9 / 10 Regional Championships

April 30 - May 1 Level 7/8 Regional Championships

Level 9/10 and Level 7/8 Regional Championship packets HERE

May 21 - 22 XCEL Regional Championships

Shrewsbury High School - Shrewsbury, MA

XCEL Regional Championship Packet HERE



Level 9/10 Regional Championships - Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 8:45 PM

Level 7/8 Regional Championships - Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 8:45 PM

Jozef Safko

We are extremely sad to learn of the passing of Jozef Safko of Sunrise Gymnastics.  We send our thoughts and sympathy to his wife and daughter and to all of his friends and family who loved him.  The Vermont Gymnastics Community is thinking of all of you and Jozef will be missed by all of us.

Meet Director Info



Meet Directors are responsible for adhering to all State / Regional and National reporting procedures. Region 6 requires Meet Directors to send a copy of the Sanction Report form and $1 / gymnast to the Regional Chairman. Additional reporting procedures are at the discretion of the State Committee. Please refer to your State policies for additional information.


Sanctions are required for all USA Gymnastics competitions, clinics, workshops, tours and exhibitions.

Click Here - Sanction Information

A request for sanction may be made by any USA Gymnastics Women’s Professional member with Meet Director certification.

When sanctioning a USA Gymnastics event, follow these steps:

1. Send ‘Request for Sanction’ to USA Gymnastics office with appropriate fees.

Forms are available online at

Sanction Fee - $140   Virtual - $100

2. Post Certificate of Approval Form at the competition site

3. Meet Directors are required to utilize the meet reservation system for all sanctioned competitions. It is the responsibility of the meet director to verify that all participants at the sanctioned event are current USA Gymnastics members in good standing, with all applicable member types, certifications, and levels/disciplines BEFORE they are allowed on the floor of the sanction event. 

4. Send completed Sanction Report Form; Coaches / Officials ‘Sign in’ form to USA Gymnastics Member Services

5. Send a copy of the Sanction Report Form to the Regional Chairman with $1 / gymnast. Make check payable to USA Gymnastics Region 6

6. Follow State Committee Reporting procedures.

USA Gymnastics Member Services

1099 North Meridian Street

Suite 800

Indianapolis, IN 46204



Kathy Ostberg

Regional Committee Chairman

190 Bridge St


Salem, MA 01970

Safety Champion

The Safety Champion program is a new initiative by USA Gymnastics to help bring the message of safety and wellness to member clubs in a more personal and unique way. The Safety Champion is a person who will serve as a liaison between USA Gymnastics and the Member Club to help disseminate important information related to policy, educational initiatives, and health and wellness information.

Visit the link below to learn more about the Safety Champion.

Click Here Safety Champion

Xcel Judging Course



XCEL Bronze - Silver - Gold

The J110 Xcel Bronze/Silver/Gold Judges' Course is now available as a review for current DP-rated officials as well as a prerequisite for non-rated individuals to begin judging in the Xcel Program.

This is a great opportunity to get involved w/ gymnastics officiating.

Click Here to Register


Rules & Policies 2021/22

The 2021 - 2022 Women's Rules and Policies are available online. Please refer to this document for DP/ XCEL Program information. Click Here - 2020 - 2021 Rules and Policies

Safe Sport Reporting Links

Meet Schedule

NLG Meet - Dec 18, 19 - DP and Xcel - small meet

Royal at Regal - Jan 15, 16 - DP and Xcel

Cobra Meet - Jan 30 - Xcel

GMI - Feb 5, 6 - DP and Xcel

I Love VT at Champlain - Feb 13 - DP

Sunrise Meet - Feb 26, 27 - canceled

Central VT Meet - March 13 - DP and Xcel

State Meet - March 19, 20 - site tbd- DP and Xcel

2021/2022 Membership

The 2021-2022 Membership Season is Now Open: When professional and instructor members renew their membership this season, they will find a change from the traditional membership options.

USA Gymnastics recognized the need to provide a membership program that was a bit easier to understand. We are eliminating the broad membership terms of "professional" and "instructor" and are replacing these terms with new membership categories that more accurately identify the roles each member serves within the sport.

While the membership renewal process will not change, the membership selection process will appear slightly different. When professional and instructor members renew memberships this season, they will select from member categories such as competitive coach, recreational coach, judge, club owner, meet director, etc.

Additionally, membership opportunities will now be available for volunteers, medical providers and photographer/videographers who may be participating in USA Gymnastics sanctioned events.

Click here for full details.


New Course Requirements: This season, USA Gymnastics will introduce two new educational courses that certain membership roles will be required to complete as a condition of membership. Click here to review which roles will be required to complete the U112: Tough Coaching or Emotional Abuse course and the U113: USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy course

Level 9 Eastern Qualifiers

Congratulations to our Level 9 athletes for a great Regional competition.  All 3 gymnasts qualified for Level 9 Eastern Nationals.

Ellie Quintin from Regal

Chloe Daniels from Regal

Julia Before from Kingdom

USA Gymnastics Sanction Reminders

USA Gymnastics Event Sanction Reminders & Updates

Responsibility to Comply with Local Government Guidelines:

USA Gymnastics understands and respects the want and the need to return to competition. However, as a community we must remain vigilant in our responsibility to ensuring that all participants at USA Gymnastics sanctioned events are experiencing the safest environment possible. 


Here are a few reminders of the applicable rules for hosting an event:

  • Meet directors and clubs are allowed to host sanctioned events (live or virtual), only if the event can be conducted in a manner that is permitted by, and in compliance with, their local government guidelines.
  • It is the responsibility of the Meet Director to be informed and to stay aware of their local ordinances. 
  • Meet directors MUST be prepared to alter sanctioned event plans should local guidance change.  


Recently, the organization has begun to receive reports that a few meet directors may be attempting to continue to host sanctioned events against local government guidelines. When a report is received:

  • USA Gymnastics does and will follow up on any report received. 
  • When necessary, we will require the modification, postponement and/or cancellation of any event that cannot demonstrate it is in compliance with both local ordinances and is being conducted in a safe manner for all participants.     
  • If the meet director fails to comply, it will result in the revocation of the sanction, which will result in the loss of sanction insurance coverages and benefits and disqualification of scores, and the possibility of other punitive action such as fines and loss of sanction privileges.


We recognize that meet directors are encountering a considerable number of challenges in producing and conducting events and are thankful for all meet directors do to keep participants safe during this unique competitive season.


Meet Directors Have the Authority:

Meet directors have the authority to enforce and require measures that will provide participants a safe event environment. Specifically, meet directors have the authority to: 

  • Remove and/or disqualify any participants; clubs, coaches, athletes, judges, other sanctioned event staff and spectators who fail or refuse to comply with local ordinances, such as non-compliance of facial covering and/or social distancing mandates.  
  • Eliminate and/or reduce the number of spectators in order to maintain the appropriate social distancing protocol. Meet directors are expected to communicate all restrictions clearly to all parents/guardians and are encouraged to seek creative solutions for parental viewing to comply with Safe Sport requirements such as: allowing one person from each club to live stream their athletes on a private club page and/or live streaming the entire event using a third-party vendor.   
  • Require the use of facial coverings and social distancing protocols throughout the duration of a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event, even in the absence of such mandates in the state or local area. Meet Directors should clearly communicate the required facial covering and social distancing protocols in both pre-event and on-site communication. USA Gymnastics recommends and highly encourages to the use of facial coverings. Click here to view the Return to Competition Guidelines for other event considerations.  USA Gymnastics has also developed signage and flyers that may help meet directors with on-site communication for face coverings and social distancing. Click here to view.  


Commitment to a Meaningful Season

USA Gymnastics is committed to providing a safe and meaningful season. 


Since the start of this pandemic, USA Gymnastics has aimed to provide support to the community. We introduced virtual sanctioning as an alternative way to compete when in-person events are not an option. We have also developed a variety of resource tools, such as the Club Re-Opening, Return to Training, and Return to Competition Guidelines. These publications are intended to help guide the community to safely engage in the sport. The resources are available here, and we encourage frequent review of these materials.


We also empathize with community members who are struggling to conduct business and with athletes who are unable to train and compete due to personal safety concerns and Covid-19 mitigation protocols in their area. We respect the frustration of watching others continue to compete and advance in the sport, while others are left uncertain as to when they will be able to participate this season. And we hear the plea of some who are asking USA Gymnastics to limit the opportunity of all athletes due to this uncertainty. 


The pandemic and its impacts are unfair. However, the over 80% of the gymnastics community is currently able to train and compete, and we simply cannot limit their ability due to unfortunate limitations others are experiencing.   


USA Gymnastics strives to support the entire community and believes the policies and procedures that have been developed, are in alignment with our commitment to safety, as well as our commitment to providing as meaningful a season as possible.   


Community members should email for any questions or concerns related to USA Gymnastics sanctioned events.

New Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy


INDIANAPOLIS, November 17, 2020 – USA Gymnastics today introduced an updated policy for transgender and non-binary inclusion. The policy is intended to promote a safe and inclusive environment for athletes of all gender identities, while protecting the privacy of trans and non-binary athletes.


“Our top priority is and must always be the safety of our athletes, including their emotional and psychological safety,” said USA Gymnastics CEO Li Li Leung. “Inclusivity plays an important role in creating safe and welcoming environments for our community members, and this policy will help ensure athletes who identify as transgender or non-binary feel at home in our sport.”

The policy, which is based on current medical science and consistent with anti-discrimination legislation, makes several changes to the 2015 policy, including:

  • Transgender athletes no longer need to apply to participate in the discipline that aligns with their gender identity.
  • Surgical sex reassignment, legal gender recognition, and hormone therapy requirements have been removed.
  • Guidance for non-binary athletes has been added.
  • Educational resources have been incorporated within the policy to help build a more informed community.

While USA Gymnastics’ updated policy will apply to nearly all member athletes, ‘International Track’ gymnasts – defined as those who, in the next 12 months, intend to qualify for the Junior or Senior National Teams, who may represent USA Gymnastics internationally, or who qualify to any event where a National Team is selected – will continue to be governed by the International Olympic Committee’s policies.

To create the most inclusive and effective policy possible, USA Gymnastics’ officials and members of the organization’s Athlete Health and Wellness Council conducted a review of available research on transgender athletes as well as best practices and existing inclusion policies adopted by national and international sport bodies. Much of that research is available under the resources section of the policy. USA Gymnastics also solicited input directly from the transgender athlete community.

“We are grateful to the members of the Athlete Health and Wellness Council as well as those in our gymnastics community who contributed their time and expertise to this policy,” said Kim Kranz, USA Gymnastics’ Chief of Athlete Wellness. “This policy is part of our commitment to help create an inclusive environment within our sport. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in gymnastics with the knowledge that they will be safe and have their dignity respected.”



In House Meet Medical Requirement

Rules and Policies Updates

Women's Program Rules & Policies

Check out the easy access to the 2020-2021 Rules and Policies

Review the Rules & Policies: Updates are made each season to each discipline's rules & policies. Meet Directors should take the time review these, to ensure they are aware of any changes. Click here to view the R&Ps.

A USA Gymnastics sanctioned event CANNOT be run concurrently in the same session with a non-USA Gymnastics sanctioned event. All USA Gymnastics sessions must be concluded prior to the start of any non-USA Gymnastics sessions.

USA Gymnastics athlete mobility and/or qualification (if applicable by state) can only be achieved by participating in a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event.

Professional Photography and Medical Services at a Meet: Click here to view the USA Gymnastics sanctioned event policy regarding professional photography and medical services at a meet.

USA Gymnastics Members Must Report: The USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy mandates that all members follow state and federal laws governing reporting child abuse. All members 18 years-of-age or older are subject to USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy and required to report all instances of possible child abuse or neglect to law enforcement and state child protection services. Click here for questions related to filing a report.

Virtual Sanction

USA Gymnastics introduces virtual event sanctions

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., October 22, 2020 – Today, USA Gymnastics announced multiple ways to hold competitive gymnastics events for the 2020-21 season, including virtual event sanctions and a free platform for hosting virtual meets: 

  • USA Gymnastics continues to sanction live, in-person events, subject to local regulations. For the 2020-21 season USA Gymnastics has already issued approximately 1,100 event sanctions to date.
  • USA Gymnastics is now providing sanctions for virtual events on a number of different platforms, including Zoom, Skype and Google Meet, ensuring that even more athletes are able to compete despite complications created by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
  • For the 2020-21 season, USA Gymnastics will also be providing members free access to the Flyp10 virtual meet platform, which is integrated with USA Gymnastics’ Meet Reservation system. Using Flyp10, participants will be able to upload HD-quality recordings of their real-time performances for immediate scoring by judges and keep track of rolling scores and placement throughout the meet. 

“We understand how important competition is to our athletes and member clubs,” said Stefanie Korepin, USA Gymnastics Chief Programs Officer. “Virtual event sanctions will provide gymnasts across the country the opportunity to compete and receive feedback from official USAG judges, even if in-person events are not feasible in their area. While this may not be a traditional competition season, it can still be a meaningful one, and we’re excited to provide this service for our community.”

Athletes of all levels across all disciplines will be able to compete through sanctioned virtual events, and gymnasts will also be able to use their scores from sanctioned virtual events for level mobility.

To help meet directors facilitate virtual competitions, USA Gymnastics has created Virtual Playbooks for each discipline:

USA Gymnastics-sanctioned virtual and in-person events should always follow local public health guidelines and restrictions and are governed by USA Gymnastics’ discipline-specific Rules and Policies, judging criteria, and Safe Sport Policy. While meet directors have the flexibility to use a number of platforms to host virtual meets, it is important to note that the process of sharing of live video and recordings must comply with USAG’s Safe Sport Policy.

Program Name Change

USA Gymnastics announces ‘USAG Development Program’ as new name for the Junior Olympic Program


INDIANAPOLIS, October 21, 2020 – USA Gymnastics today announced that “USA Gymnastics Development Program” will be the new name for the development program formerly known as the Junior Olympic program.


USA Gymnastics made the decision to change the program name following increased restrictions around the use of the title ‘Junior Olympic’ earlier this year. No substantive programming changes will accompany the change in name.


“USA Gymnastics remains committed to supporting athletes of all levels across all disciplines as they strive to reach their goals in and out of the gym,” said Stefanie Korepin, Chief Programs Officer. “Under the USA Gymnastics Development Program, we will continue to provide the same top-tier competitive structure and programming initiatives that our community members have come to expect, while looking for new ways to innovate and adapt, as we explore opportunities to improve the gymnastics experience for all participants.”


This summer, USA Gymnastics issued a crowdsourcing request to the gymnastics community and received hundreds of suggestions for renaming the program. Though the organization held a public vote in August and announced a winning submission, concerns about the name’s acronym ultimately led USA Gymnastics to opt instead for another popular submission, the USA Gymnastics Development Program.


Virtual Sanction

USA Gymnastics is excited to announce that we will begin issuing virtual sanctions this month at a discounted price of $100 for the 2020-2021 season. 


The primary goal of virtual sanctioning is to provide athletes a meaningful 2020-2021 competitive season. We have developed a variety of resources to help navigate a competitive virtual environment. Resources include a virtual playbook which will provide meet directors specifics about permissible platforms, competition formats for mobility and qualifiers, judging guidelines and much more. Playbooks have been developed for each discipline and will be released soon. 


To further help meet directors and club owners, we are partnering with a virtual event hosting platform and are waiving the $5 per video upload fee for the 2020-2021 competitive season. Through our partnership, meet directors will be able to upload an unlimited number of routines at no cost!  We will continue to provide flexibility to be creative and innovative as we navigate this new world together.


ELT Information

If you have been wondering about the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and who they are, feel free to visit this page for individual bios, as well as a “Meet the Team” video from Virtual National Congress.

Athletes' Council

USA Gymnastics is excited to share that an Athletes’ Council webpage has been created under ‘About’ on USAG’s website (link below). Visitors can learn more about the role of the AC, how it is structured, and who currently represents each discipline. More importantly, athletes will be able to quickly and easily identify who their representatives are, and we are working to add contact information to streamline the process of getting in touch with AC reps. To increase transparency, meeting minutes will also be available from this page.

Message from USA Gymnastics about Athlete A

In order to learn from the mistakes of the past and the mishandling of the horrific abuse perpetrated by Larry Nassar, we must listen with open hearts to Maggie’s story, and the experiences of other survivors – so that we can better understand the impact it had, and the circumstances that led to it and enabled it for too long.

 Because of the bravery of Maggie and other survivors who have come forward, there have been transformational reforms across the sport.  Within USA Gymnastics, under an entirely new leadership team, we have implemented stronger policies and preventative measures, launched multiple educational efforts, and made sweeping organizational, leadership and personnel changes.  Most importantly, we have prioritized changing the sub-culture within our community that allowed this to happen.  We owe these survivors an incredible debt of gratitude for sharing their stories, and igniting these changes across the sport.

 And yet, despite these changes, we recognize that the work is not done.  We must keep listening, keep evolving and keep improving – and we are committed to doing so.

    Jill Vanderpot

    Jill Vanderpot

    State Chairman